Shockwave therapy is tech for the “sole”

It’s not every day as a technology-based company that you find yourself fascinated by something that is not tied to your line of work or area of expertise. Our agency reviews new tech updates, both hardware and software-wise, and rarely do we come across something that stops us dead in our tracks. 

That changed today when we found ourselves reviewing this so-called “shockwave therapy” done by The Foot & Ankle Clinic, a podiatrist Wellington FL

Having been a former athlete in high school and college, foot and ankle issues were just things you dealt with that came with the territory. Basketball and soccer players are highly susceptible to these types of injuries due to the sudden changes in movement and direction while participating in the sport. Shockwave therapy piqued my interest as I know health is wealth, and I have had problems with plantar fasciitis in the past. 

Could waving a “magic” wand producing sound waves heal a bum foot? According to research out there, there are some very promising studies behind it already!

Shockwave therapy is a very safe and non-invasive way to avoid surgery for people who suffer from joint and tendon issues in the foot and other areas. This active round of sound waves travels through the soft tissue of the foot and causing light trauma that will help induce your body to naturally give this area more attention to heal faster/better. New blood vessels and bone cells are created, and your body ultimately starts it’s road to a more rapid recovery. Shockwave therapy is highly attractive for those who are concerned about going “under the knife” trying to fix an issue through surgery. 

As an avid tech person and also one that is hip to alternative medicine and therapy, this is some exciting stuff! Anytime tech and medicine can live in the same space synergistically, there is a chance for true health and healing.

In conclusion, I don’t know how soon we will be able to experience this new technology, but we cannot want to get down to south Florida to visit The Foot & Ankle Clinic to give it a try for ourselves.

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