Responsive Web Design

One website. Many different screen sizes.

Responsive web design is a new design concept that we use website development that instantly transitions a website from desktop to tablet to mobile. Responsive web design maintains the design and page integrity of your website as it automatically resizes to fit the mobile and tablet browser screen sizes.

We use responsive web design techniques for the “second screens” that are quickly becoming “first screens”. Responsive design maintains the website’s design and page layout as the user transitions from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Responsive Web Design - One site seamlessly transitioning to many devices

Responsive Web Design – One site seamlessly transitioning to many devices

Why is responsive web design important?

      • User mobility. The traditional website design is now being accessed, stretched, scrolled and squashed by mobile users in an attempt to access the content that is important to them. Responsive web design automatically sizes the website to display correctly in a tablet and mobile device’s browser and screen.
      • Second and third screen experiences. Past the desktop, users are using tablets and mobile devices as their second and third screen experiences. Responsive web design ensures a consistent sizing adjustment across all screen size experiences.
      • Heightened user experiences. As a user passes from desktop to tablet to mobile, responsive design maintains the user’s experience by correctly sizing the website display from desktop to mobile device.
      • Creative consistency from desktop to device. Mobile responsive web design allows us to create one fantastic web design that can automatically be sized as the user ebbs and flows from tablet to mobile to desktop. Consistent branding can now be accomplished across all device screen sizes and displays.

How the mobile responsive web design process works.

At Core Mobile App Development, we ensure that the strategy for the responsiveness of the website is based on the design and not the number of mobile and tablet devices. So the responsive decision is made earlier in the website design lifecycle, which keeps the creative focus on creating an awesome design that will then act responsively across mobile and tablet screens.

Mobile responsive design works on all types of websites including e-commerce websites, blogs, and complex web applications.


For most websites, responsive design is a logical solution. Responsive designed websites can be developed in a variety of content management systems including Wordpress. For more information on responsive website design, give us a shout