Mobile App Virality

Proven Tips to Achieve Mobile App Virality

In a world where the internet and social media is part of the society’s mainstream consciousness, everybody and everything has the chance to get their fifteen minutes of fame through virality. Seeing that this phenomenon has the potential to boost the exposure of businesses, many marketing managers use viral marketing as a strategy.

For your business, why not make use of one of the trendiest marketing tools? Launching an application and making it viral can be beneficial to your company. Read on to know more about mobile app virality.

Why should I aim to make my mobile app viral?

The first question you might be asking right now is this: why should I seek virality? Being viral has numerous benefits for mobile app developers and business owners alike. Here are just some of the advantages you can enjoy when your application goes viral:

Rapid Reach Expansion

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a viral mobile app is the rate at which is gains audiences. Applications that reach virality gets attention at tremendous speeds. Normally, you will need to rely on your marketing strategy to try to gain more users for your app, thus also increasing the reach of your business.

Once your mobile software goes viral, especially because it will enjoy exposure through mainstream and social media. With this, you will see a sudden growth in users, which then translates to your business getting wider exposure.

Reduction of Advertising Expenditure

The best thing about virality is that your app itself becomes its greatest advertisement. One of the most tangible effects of this is you can cut down costs funnelled toward your marketing campaign. Mainstream and social media are one of the most important aspects that minimizes the need for extra marketing funds. As your program and consequently, your business, get coverage from these platforms, you are essentially getting free advertisement.

Reputation Improvement

As more and more individuals download and use your application, you are increasing your chances of getting reviews and ratings from real users. Keep in mind that consumers tend to try out software that has higher ratings. After all, 5 five-star rating seems better than 3- or 4-stars.

Aside from this, you can use the feedback system as a way to find undetected bugs, allowing you to address these issues. Moreover, you can get a pulse on what your users want to see, as well as what they find helpful.

How can I achieve virality of my app?

Now, that you are aware of the benefits virality has to offer, you may be thinking of ways to ensure that your business’ application will reach virality. Before you proceed with the mobile app development process, you want to make sure that your mobile program is designed to go viral. Check out these useful tips for developing the next viral software for your business.

Come Up with a Viable Idea

One of the most important things you should do even before you aim for virality is to make sure that your idea is realistic. You may come up with the best and most useful program for smartphones, but is it achievable? Moreover, will it be perceived positively by your market?

Remember that your target audience is your main clientele, so you need to make sure that it will be appealing, useful and accessible to them. When thinking of a concept, treat it like a business plan. You need to consider the feasibility of the project in order for it to gain traction.

Make Your App an Interactive One

In this modern age, interactivity is an important aspect of formulating various concepts, from mobile app development to social media marketing. Look at it this way: when your program requires or encourages users to interact with their friends and family, then they are likely to recommend it to these individuals.

Use Stunning Visuals

A huge part of the consumer population is made up of Millennials and a large segment of smartphone users are Millennials and Gen Z. It is essential to note that these individuals place a premium on aesthetics. With this in mind, you want to make sure that your software fits their taste for visually appealing elements such as colors, color combination, font faces and other similar aspects.

Provide Incentives for Users

Selling your app is pretty much like promoting your business. You offer incentives to encourage potential consumers to become actual paying customers. Look at what ride-hailing apps did. They offered discounts and promotions to users who manage to persuade their friends to download and use the program. By incentivizing referrals and recommendations, your users can work for your marketing campaign.

During this modern time, taking advantage of the digital culture has become necessary. By following these tips, you are on your way to creating the next viral smartphone software!

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