ATTENTION: Podiatrists who want more of the right kind of patients

"How To Fill Your Podiatry Practice With More of The Right Kind of Patients Using A Proven Sustainable Marketing System In 180 Days Or Less"

WITHOUT Doing Any of The Actual Marketing Yourself…


When it comes to successfully marketing your podiatry practice, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. 


  1. You can do most of your own marketing yourself, but you didn’t go to school to be a marketer. No, you went to school to be a doctor, and that’s what you want to do more of. 

However, because you’re not a marketer, your marketing results are probably not what you were hoping that you’d be producing at this point…


This usually leaves most podiatrists feeling like they should quit, or do something else because their subpar marketing brings in small trickles of leads and patients that are not the best fit.

The unfortunate part is that this usually leads to some doctors being forced to close their practice because of the lack of revenue from new patients.


  1. You can hire an under experienced overpriced team of marketers and copywriters to do it for you.

Then after you actually pay them, they turn around and provide you with an average marketing campaign that barely converts the way you were expecting.


Then you start advertising their campaigns only to be left frustrated, anxious, spent hundreds if not thousands in advertising dollars, only to be left with dismal results that are lackluster at best. 


This type of experience usually leaves you even more frustrated and jaded by another team of marketers that over promise, and under deliver.


So, you have the two options of putting your time to do it yourself, or risk your money with the wrong marketing team that doesn’t have the experience of getting results with marketing for more than a decade.


Whichever option you chose, it certainly is a gamble of your time and hard earned money. 


Usually at the end of this, you are left right back where you started…knowing that great marketing means more leads and sales, but not knowing how to create great marketing, or who to trust is a big problem that most podiatrists face in this industry.


This is not the casino, or Russian roulette, or a game of high stakes poker…


…this is your business and livelihood on the line here.


You don’t have to keep gambling with the future of your business and livelihood.


Fortunately, there’s a better solution.


It’s a proven solution, that has been working year after year for client after client…


Introducing Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services


At Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services, we help podiatrists grow their visibility and their bottom line.


… No more dealing with a lack of visibility on Google, where your target demographic is actively searching for your services…


… No more feeling the fear of missing out seeing your competitors ranking high in Google and your business is virtually invisible…


… No more dreaming of ways to grow so that you can retain your employees and make money at the same time…


We follow a few simple steps to help you get started and maximize your marketing campaigns. 


Step 1 – You apply to work with us. 


Step 2 – We co-create your winning SEO strategy. 


Step 3 – Sit back and let us do all the work to bring you more customers to increase your bottom line.


Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services Crushes the Competition


Although Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services isn’t the only SEO Marketing Services available in the market, we classify ourselves as one of the best.




Because our SEO Marketing Services offer a high level of wisdom from experience that other companies simply do not have, plain and simple. Most SEO companies are only 1-5 or maybe at best 7 years in the game. We’ve been in it since 2006 (15 years now)..


Our competitors’ SEO services don’t offer the same comprehensive and holistic approach to listening to your desires, educating you on the process to actually reach your desires with our campaigns, and then putting in the work to create great SEO marketing campaigns that drive traffic and results.


We do offer this VIP service to you.


However, if you want to grow your bottom line, you need to do more than just build links–you need Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services.


We’ll Help You Rank At The Top Of Google And Help Increase Your Bottom Line In 180 Days Or Less


Our web and SEO services will provide you with a website assessment, keywords research, content optimization, local optimization, link building, and campaign reporting.


All at very reasonable rates, speedy delivery, and high quality production.


I know what you’re probably thinking right now.


Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know your marketing actually works better than what I’m currently doing??


Our SEO Services Are Proven As We Have 15 Years of Experience Successfully Helping Other Podiatrists Generate More Leads and Patients Online


To understand what makes Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services such as an effective marketing solution, let me tell you the reason why we are able to help our clients get results. 


We follow a proven white hat 100% safe strategy that has been working for other clients over the last 15 years.


Hi I am Will Manuel, founder of Core Mobile Apps, a marketing and tech agency that helps you get more customers with our cutting edge solutions. \


We have more than 15 years of experience, and we leverage the wisdom from our experience to help clients generate breakthrough results in their SEO marketing campaigns. 


You see, we are HIGHLY customer satisfaction driven, which has set us apart. 


We are not your standard agency that looks to bill you on every single period we add to your website. 


We are very competitive in terms of both timeline as well as price but our key metric is customer satisfaction. 


We want every customer to become a raving review at the end of the day.


If You Can Answer A Few Key Questions For Us, Then We Can Do The Work And Help You Get More of The Right Kind of Patients Coming To You


Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services is super easy-to-use.


… even if you don’t have time to learn SEO and do the marketing yourself..


… even if you aren’t technically savvy..


… even if your marketing strategies aren’t working like they used to..


You can sit back and let us do all of the marketing to help you start bringing in auto-pilot leads, and more of the right kind of patients.


Here’s How It Works:


1 You book a consultation call with us to learn more about your business needs. 


2 We educate you, answer your questions about your brand, and then we educate you on the process we’ll be using to get you results. 


3 We create a customized SEO marketing plan for your business, then we deploy your campaign into the market with excellence!


This Is A Proven Way To Predictably Increase Your Bottom Line So You Can Thrive.


Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time.


While it can work that way, it doesn’t have to.


Not when your marketing arsenal includes a vetted team of marketing experts with 15 years of proven experience dominating the first pages of Google for our business and for our clients.


Think about it.


By creating high quality content, creating hands off marketing to drive customers to your website that ultimately bring in fresh new leads daily, and the right kind of people making appointments, it’s easy to see how this can spark an increased amount of new clients within 180 days or less.


Not in 24 months.. Not in 18 months.. Not in 12 months..


In just as early as 2 – 3 months, most of our clients begin seeing actual results (not guaranteed time frame for any clients) with Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services.


Imagine What It Would Be Like To…


*Spend minutes looking at your website and marketing because you are too busy with all of the new leads and right kinds of patients flowing into your practice.


*Login to your bookkeeping software and see that you have an increase in your bottom line without having to do any actual marketing yourself.


*Experience more leads flowing into your business on autopilot because you are ranking at the top of Google.


*You can have all of these things done for you, with the professional help of Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services.


How Do I Know Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services Works?


Our company has been mentioned in various business publications such as Business Insider, Reader’s Digest,, GlassDoor, and others.





This is why you’ll love our SEO Marketing Services.


What are other reasons why are you going to love Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services? Our SEO Marketing Services will:


  • Provide you with hands off marketing that will drive customers to your website and ultimately bring you new leads, which would then turn into more of the right kind of clients/patients
  • Directly target keywords that have search volume (people are searching for the term daily) and that are relevant to your podiatry practice so you can get more traffic
  • Help you get more leads on auto-pilot. You see, people will visit your site after seeing you ranking at the top of Google, they will visit your website, take action and reach out to book an appointment automatically.
  • Allow you to rest your marketing nerves knowing that our team has more than 15 years of SEO experience and over 21 years of web design/development expertise so we will deliver your marketing campaign with excellence to help you grow your bottom line
  • Help you start getting results as early as 2-3 months with our effective SEO campaigns to drive targeted traffic, get daily leads, and consistently attract more of the right kind of patients

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what our clients have to say: (HERE WE WANT TO INSERT OTHER TESTIMONIALS THAT YOU HAVE)


Take My Client Dr. Tyson Tabora of The Foot & Ankle Clinic in Wellington FL – He was referred to us by a mutual friend. After speaking to him via text, we set up a time to go over his needs. Initially he just needed to get a better looking website than the wix website which he built himself. I spent some time educating him on his options and the pros/cons of each and we decided that building him a hyper optimized WordPress website would be the best approach long-term. We took his current logo as a baseline for the look/feel of the new website and then we built it from the ground up, from scratch. We made sure the website was built in a way that it would load quickly (major factor in SEO is loading speed). Once he was happy with the website, we launched it in place of his old Wix site and then started to work on his Google My Business page (GMB) and also his on/off page SEO. We ran a 3 months mini campaign and it was very successful. He is sitting at the top of the SERP’s for all 10 of the search terms we optimized for.


With Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services, You’ll Get:


  • The same proven strategic SEO marketing campaign that has helped our clients grow their bottom line and crush the competition
  • Direct access to a progressive group of designers, developers and strategists with over 21 years of technical and marketing experience to help your campaign thrive
  • A thorough 1on1 consultation to help identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in your business so we can create a customized marketing plan that will position your business to grow
  • High search traffic volume, low competition keyword research with campaign reporting so you know exactly which keywords we will be targeting, and so you can see the results yourself
  • Done for you content creation from our team of professional writers that will help you get more traffic and leads coming into your practice
  • Done for you white hat link building campaign that will safely build backlink profile which will ultimately help you climb higher in the SERPS to get more traffic
  • Done for you Google My Business account creation and optimization so you can immediately start generating more traffic in your local area to bring in more of the right kind of patients
  • Monthly campaign reporting so you can read, analyze, and review the data of our SEO campaign work to see if it’s actually working or not
  • Free website review and report, this means we will review your website for errors, bugs, or improvements, then you’ll know what you can do to optimize your website to bring in more business
  • Done for you SEO campaign optimization to ensure that your keywords are climbing in the SERPS to get you more traffic over time

But that’s not all…


Try Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services, and you’ll also receive a special bonus! 


FREE keyword audit on your current SEO keywords to help you identify which keywords will bring you the most buyer leads, and more of the right kind of patients.


We Provide You With VIP SEO Marketing Services And We Overdeliver In Value!


If you had to pay a big marketing agency to deliver more traffic, leads, and patients to your practice, it would cost $10,000 per month or more..


And that just for an average marketing agency. If you wanted to hire a top marketing agency, that figure would be $20,000 per month, at least.


We at Core Media Concepts are offering very affordable SEO Marketing Services available for a fraction of that.


Book An Appointment Now Before Your Competition Does.

Don’t Delay!


This offer is only limited to ONE podiatrist in your local city, so you must BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW if you want to avoid us helping your competition get all of the buyer leads online and the right kind of patients in your local city.




(WE CAN WORK ON THIS GUARANTEE IF YOU HAVE ONE, OR WE CAN REMOVE THIS ONE)100% Risk-Free Guarantee Because I know you’re going to love Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services, I’m offering a risk-free guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the professional results that you achieve from working with the Core Mobile Apps SEO Agency,, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked. 


Book An Appointment Now Before Your Competition Does.


I suggest you pay close attention to this solution. 


I know you don’t want to continue…


… suffering from a lack of leads and patients coming from online


… feeling like you are missing out when you’re seeing your competitors ranking higher in Google and your business is virtually invisible online


… sitting and dreaming of ways to grow your practice so that you can retain your employees and make more money at the same time


… trying to figure out this complicated marketing part of your business because you want to help service more patients


… feeling disappointed every time you look at your bottom line when you realize that you are not growing, and you know you need help


…sounds depressing, doesn’t it?


It would be if you couldn’t do anything to change it.


Fortunately, you can.


By starting with a free consultation today, you can experience the difference between feeling like your business is virtually invisible and growing your bottom line!


Try Core Media Concepts SEO Marketing Services and discover the difference for yourself!





Will Manuel
President of Core Mobile Apps


P.S. We will include a P.S. Statement that comes directly from you so it’s easier for you to navigate this portion. Basically, we want this PS statement to reinforce a summary of the offer, and then we want to call them to action again to book an appointment. 




Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are you optimizing for my competitors? 

Answer is NO, we only optimize for your geolocation out to a 20 mile radius from your business. If there are questions about this, we can review the geos and figure out a compromise on the selection of keywords so that there is no conflict of interest.


  1. If I get to the top with your service, can I stop?
    That is a choice that you will have to carefully consider. If you stop your campaign, eventually the rankings will start to lower naturally so it’s best to keep it going for as long as it’s effective and giving you the great ROI that you expect. Also note that if you end your contractual agreement with us, that opens us up to help your competitors rank so weigh that decision carefully. Whomever is working with us at the time has the priority.
  1. Do I need to do anything to make the SEO campaign work?
    It is mostly a set and forget system. We only need to get access to your website, analytics account and GMB account to start. The first month is mostly a ramp up time so we will collect most of this information up front so after month 1, you will be required to provide very little information going forward. We do all of the work for you on your behalf and provide monthly health status reports so you can monitor your campaign accordingly.


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