Mobile Apps To Step Up Photo Editing

7 Mobile Apps that Help You Step Up Your Photo Editing Game

In a highly digital age where an exciting and well-curated feed is key to maintaining a relevant online presence, it is important to find a mobile app that can help you achieve the exact look you are going for. With these digital spaces fast becoming avenues for growth, creativity, and self-expression, veering away from the stereotypical and usual throw-away photos and videos being posted should definitely be explored.

While a #nofilter and #real aesthetic are still very much valid depending on how you choose to share your photos and IG stories, there is nothing like finding your own niche and actually sharing images the way they look in your mind when you took them. If you are keen on exploring your true visual style, here are some editing and photography apps that can help you get started.

Adobe Lightroom CC

If you are looking for a program that allows you to create crisp and professional-looking images, you’ll be happy to know that this mobile version of Lightroom has got you covered. Besides offering presets that can help you easily and effortlessly apply to your photos, you also have the chance to edit your images manually.

Think of this as the ultimate tool that helps you post-process your photographs without having to lug your laptop or desktop computer around with you everywhere. Thanks to mobile app developers in the field, you can enhance certain aspects of your images on the go. From the tone, contrast, color, to the exposure – this can do everything and then some.

Photoshop Express

Similar to Adobe Lightroom CC, this mobile app seamlessly condenses all the best and most essential aspects of the P.C. version. This means you can also adjust the exposure of your images and even crop photos! You can also use the blur and collage option, as well as the healing tool – making you picture perfect in every angle.

Not to mention, you can even create presets that might just help you save time when you are on the go. While this may not necessarily be as powerful as its desktop counterpart, this powerful tool definitely deserves a spot in your arsenal.


Managed to capture something you like in low light? Or perhaps you went partying with your friends and took numerous mirror selfies in poor lighting conditions? Whatever your concern might be, this mobile app brings your images right where you want them to be.

For one, editing your underexposed image using the Curves feature will allow you to take charge over the brightness levels to a tee. You can also play with the highlights and the tonal contrast features which surely comes in handy should your photo appear a little too dark. You can just imagine the lengths mobile app developers have gone through the mobile app development process just to give you maximum and precise control over your image.


VSCO remains to be a perennial favorite of numerous social media influencers today. As a matter of fact, you can bet that most of your fave online personalities rely on this helpful program to make their pictures appear warmer and brighter than the original image. While this may be a hit and miss for some, it cannot be denied that wide range of filters certainly lends some convenience to users, especially those who simply want to update their feed on the fly.

A Color Story

A Color Story boasts of more than 300 colorful filters and over 100 effects that can catch the eye of any individual. For individuals who love a fresh and vibrant pop of color, this particular application is worth exploring. Here, you can get a bright and multicolored look that still has depth and dimension.


If you want to add a bit more pizzazz each time you post on your social media feed, one way you can elevate the appearance of your curated posts is using this Unfold application. Perfect for beginners who are interested in exploring their creative side, this program will have tons of choices that will allow you to showcase your videos and photos in exciting ways. With over 150 templates and designs to choose from, you’ll have endless fun seeing how you can present yourself to the world.

Made – Story Editor and Collage

Fan of collages that allow you to show the countless images you took on your recent trip out of the country? Made makes it possible for you with to share your images with this beginner-friendly application. Besides the array of templates, filters, and stickers, this mobile app provides users with colorful and vibrant backdrops that ensure your feed is on point.

Want to upgrade your editing and photography styles? Look no further than these photo editing apps. What are you waiting for? Download these on your smartphones and start editing away!


How to Deliver Successful Apps with Mobile App Development

How to Deliver Successful Apps with Mobile App Development

Businesses who work with mobile app developers in developing their in-house applications are on the right path of ensuring the functionality required to cater to their target users. Apart from providing added value for companies, mobile applications also deliver a customized and easier user experience to customers.

Entering the mobile app market poses difficulties to businesses who are new to the field. With the influx of apps in the market and the number of competitors available in the industry, permeating the scene can come with a number of challenges. However, to keep your advantage in the business, specific mobile app development strategies should be obtained and employed to ensure that successful applications are delivered to users.

Companies who intend to widen their reach should do more than just hire developers. To provide effective, efficient, and highly-adaptable programs for customers, businesses should be involved in every step of the way – from the planning process to the prototyping to the release of the app. In delivering engaging and thriving programs, incorporating the essential development strategies should be widely practiced.

Know Your Audience

To help mobile app developers bring your ideas to life, you must first know the needs of your audience – including their age, hobbies, gender, and the like. Moreover, you must also consider the services lacking or needing improvement in the sector you belong to, alongside aiming to solve the existing problems being experienced by users.

Rather than moving and forcing users to go where you want them to be, a good starting point you could take during the idea description and analysis stage would be focusing on a problem you know people are going through. In the same way, by determining your target audience, you can better provide users with a personalized application that understands their needs.

Focus on User Experience and Engagement

By taking to mind the needs of your audiences, you can focus on creating enhanced user experiences and boost your consumer engagement. While the features and the overall aesthetic of an application play a great role in enhancing the experience of consumers, there are other more important factors that affect the functionality and usability of a program. These include slow image and content loading times, even slower connectivity, and inferior user interface (UI).

Programs that undergo extensive testing and diagnosing allow consumers to gain access to seamless and flawless end results. Refine your program and test it yourself so you can help gauge the refinements that still need to be conducted.

Simplify the Interface

A well-meaning yet cluttered approach in the app’s interface can be off-putting to users. Apart from taking on a disorderly appearance, this can also detract users from maximizing the suite of offerings and features available on the application.

The simplicity of an application helps it become successful in the long run. Besides making important elements stand out, this approach will also pave the way for more convenient and easy navigation. By employing this method, you can encourage trouble-free browsing that allows them to keep using your program.

Improve Security Measures

One of the primary concerns that surround the development of a program is its vulnerability to a slew of cybersecurity issues. From lacking the basic binary protections, insecure placements in data storage to an insufficient layer of protection, these can threaten both users and the business alike. Aside from exposing private information and the risk of grappling with data leaks, these situations can also compromise the trust given to you by your business.

Prevent these incidents from happening by partnering with a dependable team of programmers. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry is key to gaining insight into the type of security and protection that your program needs, thereby fostering increased trust and patronage from your target market.

Platform Accessibility

Two of the biggest platforms today are Android and iOS. By developing a mobile application that works perfectly across these two platforms, you can give your company visibility and traction it deserves.

Platform development greatly relies on the type of devices and systems your company intends to cater to. Besides this, you should also consider the system and platform that can produce a larger number of users. As these mobile applications are made specifically for a type of platform, these can be developed to enhance the features and offerings that your business plans to offer. While developing programs that cater to numerous platforms take a longer time to finish, this may yield a larger number of users for the company in question.

Businesses who want to launch successful programs should consider these strategies and approaches. This way, both the company and app developers Tampa can achieve wonderful outcomes. With customer engagement and seamless user experience at the core of mobile app development, make sure that offerings and features you intend to add in your application address these concerns.