Mobile Apps To Step Up Photo Editing

7 Mobile Apps that Help You Step Up Your Photo Editing Game

In a highly digital age where an exciting and well-curated feed is key to maintaining a relevant online presence, it is important to find a mobile app that can help you achieve the exact look you are going for. With these digital spaces fast becoming avenues for growth, creativity, and self-expression, veering away from the stereotypical and usual throw-away photos and videos being posted should definitely be explored.

While a #nofilter and #real aesthetic are still very much valid depending on how you choose to share your photos and IG stories, there is nothing like finding your own niche and actually sharing images the way they look in your mind when you took them. If you are keen on exploring your true visual style, here are some editing and photography apps that can help you get started.

Adobe Lightroom CC

If you are looking for a program that allows you to create crisp and professional-looking images, you’ll be happy to know that this mobile version of Lightroom has got you covered. Besides offering presets that can help you easily and effortlessly apply to your photos, you also have the chance to edit your images manually.

Think of this as the ultimate tool that helps you post-process your photographs without having to lug your laptop or desktop computer around with you everywhere. Thanks to mobile app developers in the field, you can enhance certain aspects of your images on the go. From the tone, contrast, color, to the exposure – this can do everything and then some.

Photoshop Express

Similar to Adobe Lightroom CC, this mobile app seamlessly condenses all the best and most essential aspects of the P.C. version. This means you can also adjust the exposure of your images and even crop photos! You can also use the blur and collage option, as well as the healing tool – making you picture perfect in every angle.

Not to mention, you can even create presets that might just help you save time when you are on the go. While this may not necessarily be as powerful as its desktop counterpart, this powerful tool definitely deserves a spot in your arsenal.


Managed to capture something you like in low light? Or perhaps you went partying with your friends and took numerous mirror selfies in poor lighting conditions? Whatever your concern might be, this mobile app brings your images right where you want them to be.

For one, editing your underexposed image using the Curves feature will allow you to take charge over the brightness levels to a tee. You can also play with the highlights and the tonal contrast features which surely comes in handy should your photo appear a little too dark. You can just imagine the lengths mobile app developers have gone through the mobile app development process just to give you maximum and precise control over your image.


VSCO remains to be a perennial favorite of numerous social media influencers today. As a matter of fact, you can bet that most of your fave online personalities rely on this helpful program to make their pictures appear warmer and brighter than the original image. While this may be a hit and miss for some, it cannot be denied that wide range of filters certainly lends some convenience to users, especially those who simply want to update their feed on the fly.

A Color Story

A Color Story boasts of more than 300 colorful filters and over 100 effects that can catch the eye of any individual. For individuals who love a fresh and vibrant pop of color, this particular application is worth exploring. Here, you can get a bright and multicolored look that still has depth and dimension.


If you want to add a bit more pizzazz each time you post on your social media feed, one way you can elevate the appearance of your curated posts is using this Unfold application. Perfect for beginners who are interested in exploring their creative side, this program will have tons of choices that will allow you to showcase your videos and photos in exciting ways. With over 150 templates and designs to choose from, you’ll have endless fun seeing how you can present yourself to the world.

Made – Story Editor and Collage

Fan of collages that allow you to show the countless images you took on your recent trip out of the country? Made makes it possible for you with to share your images with this beginner-friendly application. Besides the array of templates, filters, and stickers, this mobile app provides users with colorful and vibrant backdrops that ensure your feed is on point.

Want to upgrade your editing and photography styles? Look no further than these photo editing apps. What are you waiting for? Download these on your smartphones and start editing away!


Top Considerations in Mobile App Development Projects

5 Key Considerations in Mobile App Development Projects

When investing in mobile applications, you need to consider many things before you give the green light to the project. Even as mobile apps are now crucial to boost brand presence in any business, you don’t just hire mobile app developers and create one for your business. Like any investment decision, you need to think over many things first before funding the project.

According to Nielsen, the average mobile user has installed 41 apps from just 32 on their mobile device from 2011 to 2012. This figure is expected to rise further this year. The majority of smartphone users (85%) prefer using mobile apps over mobile websites because of their convenience, speed, and user-friendliness. What’s more, apps don’t give users problems than responsive sites.

But app users have also become less tolerant of inferior applications. A Compuware survey found that 79% of app users said they would only give an app only one or two more tries if it didn’t work as they expect on the first try. Only less than one-fourth (16%) of them said they would give an application more than two chances.

With these studies, you can see that while users have a penchant for installing an application on their handheld devices, they also expect that this software delivers outstanding performance and value. Anything less is doomed for getting uninstalled.

Mobile App Development Considerations

So before hiring a professional mobile app development agency to kick off your mobile app development project, you need to consider many factors first. Here are some of them:

Concept proofing

In software development, a proof of concept refers to an activity that will determine the feasibility of an idea. This will answer the question, “Will the application be a solution to a problem that users is currently facing?”

Not all businesses need to develop and manage a mobile app. For some companies, having an online presence on social media is enough, especially when you’re still at the startup phase. Instead of focusing on developing an application that can cost you a lot of money, you may need to delay the development of the application at a future date.

To gauge the likelihood of success of your application, you must know its purpose, your budget, your business requirements, and how useful and accessible it would be once you’ve launched it,

Target Audience

Having a brilliant idea for your app is not a guarantee for success. You first need to study your audience well and understand them thoroughly. Millennials are the top smartphone users according to Nielsen.   Many of app concepts only provide a solution to a specific task or functionality rather than a particular market. If you realize that the application you’re developing caters only to a small portion of your target audience (say enhancing brand awareness), you may invest in other methods like spending more on digital marketing or social media marketing than coming up with an application that only a few would download.

Mobile platform

Part of understanding your audience is finding out whether they are iOS or Android users. If you want to develop native mobile applications, you may need to focus on a particular platform that you should focus first. Each platform has its programming language (Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android). While modern technologies allow developers to build (hybrid) applications using cross-platform frameworks such as Ionic, Xamarin, and others, they might not run the features that you want your users to enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong; hybrid apps can be advantageous to a certain degree such as cost efficiency and ability to run in different platforms such as PCs. But if you want a more robust application, you need to consider developing native applications

So, aside from determining whether you concentrate on iOS or Android users, you should also consult with your mobile app developers in Orlando whether native apps or hybrid apps work best for your concept, given the features of your app and your budget.


To make your application engaging to your audience, you should plan for a good design that would allow your users to easily consume your content and avail your service without getting frustrated in your app’s complicated user interface. Always consult with your mobile app development team on coming up with a great design, one that has simple navigation, readable text, high-quality photos, and regular customer service feature.

Security Issues

Data breaches are now getting more and more rampant. Almost every day, you can hear news of hackers gaining access to customer data from large companies. They can penetrate the database of your users and use their information such as bank accounts, Social Security numbers, and other sensitive details for their benefit.

As a business, you don’t want to compromise the privacy and information of your customers. You need to check if the mobile app developers you’ll hire have enough knowledge and skills in protecting the data of your users, If not, you may need to find others that can provide better data protection for your customers.

Investing in mobile apps should not be done in haste. You need thorough planning to avoid developing applications that would only frustrate your customers.


9 FREE Mobile Apps That Instantly Make the World Better

An individual spends more than 4 hours per day just looking at their phone. With technology changing the world, it does not hurt to make sure that your phone usage is changing the world for the better. Here are 9 free mobiles apps that can help you make the world a better place:

  1. Be My Eyes

This application lets sighted people help blind and low-vision individuals navigate their day-to-day lives. From minor tasks such as finding a misplaced items to bigger ones such as guiding visually-impaired users through a busy new environment, volunteers can lend their eyes to these people in need of assistance.

How it Works: The app requires registration by volunteers and blind or low-vision people. Users can specify a language, which helps them connect with individuals who can communicate with the tongue they are comfortable in. Visually-challenged users can request assistance via the app and they will be paired with an available volunteer. All communications are done through live video and audio calls.

  1. Donate a Photo

Photography enthusiasts who are looking for a way to help others through their talents, skills and passions are sure to find this app useful. Developed by Johnson & Johnson, this software allows users to share a photo in exchange donations to charity.

How it Works: You will choose a charity they want to assist. Once ready, you can take a photo via the dedicated app or pick one from your gallery. Sharing your post in social media feeds guarantees $1 donation for the charity of your choice.

  1. Wakie

Get in touch with people with similar hobbies, interests and passions with the Wakie app. Whether you want to learn a new language, or you simply want to talk about a topic you care about, you can find like-minded individuals with this app.

How it Works: Just create a topic that you find fascinating and be connected with a user with matching interests. You will receive a phone call from Wakie, with the matched user on the other line.

  1. Ecosia

You probably enter hundreds of queries in just one day. Why not make this frequent search work for both you and the environment? Ecosia uses 100% of its earnings to plant trees in various locations around the world. As of October 2018, they have planted over 39 million trees in places that need it.

How it Works: Simply use the Ecosia browser when keying in searches. Every 45 searches you make enables them to plant one new tree.

  1. Smappee Energy Monitor

Energy consumption is one of the major sources of any individual’s carbon footprint. With this app, you can view accurate and latest data all about your home’s data consumption. It shows how much energy your appliances use.

How it Works: You can use this by getting the Smappee Comfort Plugs (TM). Once you install these devices, the Smappee app shows you real-time data from the appliance that utilize the most electricity to the ones the consumes the least. This helps you manage your electricity more carefully, making your home a greener and eco-friendlier one.

  1. Recycle Nation

One way to minimize your environmental impact is to recycle your wastes. Recycle Nation makes this feat an easier one by offering a wide recycling database for its users.

How it Works: You only need to enter your location and the app will help you find recycling centers near you. It also connects you with sites to which you can send recyclable materials. Should you want to do it yourself, the app also offers tips, facts and a tracker for your environmental impact.

  1. BreadCrumbz

Navigating an unfamiliar terrain can be intimidating. To make this journey more accessible to more people, BreadCrumbz can be your best friend.

How it Works: Users can create a guide on how to get to and from a location of your choice. By providing a text guide and including pictures of landmarks, you can help a lot of travelers around the world. Should you wish to include reviews, you can with its rating feature.

  1. AirBnB

In this sharing economy, one of the best ways to cash in and help those in need of decent accommodation is to make your place available to them. AirBnB allows you to post an extra room in your home as a viable accommodation option for other users.

How it Works: Hosts can share their space with travelers. Simply make an account as a host and you can start uploading photos of the place, detailed descriptions of the room and nearby locations, as well as update your calendar based on availability.

  1. Red Cross Blood Donor

If you are looking for ways to provide medical assistance without any professional experience donating blood is your best bet. The Red Cross Blood Donor app allows a smoother way to help patients in need.

How it Works: Just download the app and you will find blood donation drives near you. You can set appointments, reschedule your appointment and track your donation history. You will also get notified if there is a shortage in your area and once your blood reaches a hospital.

By using these applications, you are on your way towards being a more productive individual, whilst also contributing to the communal endeavor of making the world a better place.

What apps do you think make the world a better place? Would love to hear what you use in the comments!