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Core Mobile App Development Receives Top App Development Award in Florida from Clutch!

Engage with your customers effectively with Core Mobile App Development’s services! Want a user-friendly and accessible platform for your business? We can do that for you! Having an app created for you can take you so many places, allowing you to reach more audiences than you’ve ever imagined. With the increasing number of people who […]

Make the Switch into Mobile App Development

Has Covid-19 caused you to second guess your current career path? Have you been furloughed, or just flat out laid off due to the pandemic? Well, the truth is no one saw the Covid-19 pandemic coming, but what is more important is that you make the most of the situation in terms of your career. […]

Shockwave therapy is tech for the “sole”

It’s not every day as a technology-based company that you find yourself fascinated by something that is not tied to your line of work or area of expertise. Our agency reviews new tech updates, both hardware and software-wise, and rarely do we come across something that stops us dead in our tracks.  That changed today […]

Core Media Concepts Receives 2020 Best of Orlando Award

Orlando Award Program Honors the Achievement ORLANDO February 13, 2020 — Core Media Concepts has been selected for the 2020 Best of Orlando Award in the Website Designer category by the Orlando Award Program. Each year, the Orlando Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and […]

9 Tips for an Effective Mobile App Design

Having a good design makes a mobile app pleasing to use. No matter how advanced the features your application has, it still lacks appeal if it does not give you excellent user experience. So, if you want to invest in developing applications, you need to make sure to provide your customers with a pleasing experience […]

8 Best Practices to Boost Mobile App Engagement

As more and more people use smartphones, mobile applications are now the hottest means to get connected to the Internet. Since the use of handheld devices overtook desktops in terms of connecting to the Internet, the demand for downloadable applications has been growing significantly. While increasing demand for apps might be good news if you […]

How to Deliver Successful Apps with Mobile App Development

Businesses who work with mobile app developers in developing their in-house applications are on the right path of ensuring the functionality required to cater to their target users. Apart from providing added value for companies, mobile applications also deliver a customized and easier user experience to customers. Entering the mobile app market poses difficulties to […]

Proven Tips to Achieve Mobile App Virality

In a world where the internet and social media is part of the society’s mainstream consciousness, everybody and everything has the chance to get their fifteen minutes of fame through virality. Seeing that this phenomenon has the potential to boost the exposure of businesses, many marketing managers use viral marketing as a strategy. For your […]